Lazy days of summer

27 Aug

Ocean Beach docks, Fire Island, NY

Ocean Beach in Fire Island looks a little bit like a town. It has a green square in the middle, with several nice shops, lots of restaurants and of course the ice cream places. On the dock the restaurants have the tables right by the water and the music spills out to the terrace. The boats are unloading freight directly on the docks and whoever expects a package it better shows up to pick it up. Sometimes the owner forgets and the package can stay there for days, hopefully with no rain in sight to get soaked. Nobody would bother to pick it up and people just wonder who would be the oblivious guy who forgot to pick up his Amazon delivery while ferries cross the sound moving people to and from from Long Island.

Flori’s Fantasy, a house decorated in Asian carving, Ocean Beach Park, Fire Island

If you take a lazy walk off the more animated center of Ocean Beach you cross Seaview and in another 10 minutes you are in Ocean Beach Park where the road looks different and the crowds are somehow constantly rushing to the ferry this apparently giving them a purpose. The road ends at the Point of Woods’s fence, a private community where you have to make a detour and go on the beach if you want to walk further into the island.

Admiring the surfs…

In Fire Island there is no interdiction for dancing. No antiquated “dance-law” like in New York City inherited from an already forgotten time. You just pop in a bar and everybody dances the summer days away sipping the Coronas or the cocktails. You don’t even have to buy a drink and swiftly you can leave and move on to another restaurant where the DJ is pumping a music that can be heard from the boats that sail tranquilly in the ocean. Ocean Beach is populated mainly by students in the summer days and the music played is more the club/DJ type than the classic rock ‘n roll we just listened Saturday night in Saltaire. The last days of summer is the time when you want to be here, the last days of warm weather, the last days of vacation after which the island would close for another nippy winter.

…and dancing on the last summer waves, Ocean Beach Park, Fire Island

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