The other Burma Road

30 Aug

Kismet, Fire Island, NY

The road that connects the last parking field from the Robert Moses State Park to Kismet, the first hamlet in Fire Island, was always being known as Burma Road. It’s a sand and stones road that you walk under the heat that you feel that it melts you under the scorching summer sun. I never knew if the road had an exact name but we always used the nickname of Burma Road, a reference to the famous road built by the Allies during the WW2 to help the nationalist Chinese forces in their fight of the Mao’s communists.

Burma Road, Fire Island

It happens that I have been on parts of the real Burma Road, both in Burma and in China but while there, in my mind I always thought about my own Burma Road, the Fire Island road to Kismet that most of the time I biked through sand and small pebbles, sometimes easier after rain but many times pretty difficult, the bike stalling in soft deeper sand. I either never noticed the road sign or it was just added recently but I was thrilled when I saw in the last weeks two locations where the road is labeled as Burma Road.

The deer waited on the side for us to stop and dashed to cross Burma Road

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