Hiking on top of Hudson

09 Nov

Bear Mountain Bridge, NY

Popolopen Torne trail is a beautiful hike of about 5.6 miles that brings you on top of a peak overlooking the Hudson Valley. The trail is named after the creek that you follow for most of the first part, a name like taken from Harry Potter; say it three times and you turn yourself in a hedgehog.

Popolopen Torne hike, Bear Mountain, NY

The trail starts in Fort Montgomery right off Route 9W after the roundabout near Bear Mountain Bridge – parking is just a little bit up the road –  and follows the creek on a red marker for about an hour till it meets a blue marker where you turn and cross the creek.

Popolopen Creek, Bear Mountain, NY

After crossing the creek the path starts climbing the mountain reaching an area of large boulders that are piled one on top of the others all the way to the top. So you have to scramble them.

To get to the top you have to do a little bit of rock scrambling

The monument at the end of the the Path of the Fallen, a path dedicated the ones who sacrificed their lives in the recent American wars

On top of the mountain is a monument dedicated to many fallen American heroes who lost their lives in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The path that continues behind the memorial and goes down to the Mine Road was renamed as “The Path of the Fallen.”

Hudson Valley and Bear Mountain Bridge seen from the top

At the end of the trail a lake, or rather a large pond, comes on your left side that can be surrounded or skipped in your way back to the car.

Brooks Lake is at the end of the hike

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