The last king

17 Dec

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Romania bade farewell to its last king, King Michael, in an impressive royal ceremony attended by numerous crowned heads of Europe. The national funerary lasted three days, declared as national days of mourning. The government, formed by the followers of the ones who blocked the king to return and chased him out of the country after the revolution/coup that toppled Ceausescu, was more than eager to offer all honors to a monarch that was always a role model of integrity and morality that could inspire nothing but fear in their corrupt souls. It was the king’s decision to switch sides in the WW2 and bring Romania to fight against Hitler’s forces, just to be pushed out of the country three years later by a bunch of Communists shielded by Stalin’s tanks. We all learned in school during the Communist times that the king fled the country in a train filled up with all national treasures but luckily we still had grandparents who whispered to us that the king left with nothing and the country’s wealth was spoiled by the incompetent Stalinists and further, as we were able to see with our own eyes, their sons and daughters who followed them after the revolution/coup. Eventually, after the 1996 election that brought Romania’s first center-right government, the King was permitted to return to Romania. Now, after the King’s demise, his role can be easier commended including his major influence in the negotiations of stirring Romania to join NATO and shielding it in this way of the menacing neighboring Russians. God bless the King!

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