06 Mar

We published an album of video frames extracted from the footage we shot in Maharashtra, India. We shot first in the sweltering heat, humidity and the snarled traffic of Mumbai from where, honestly we just wanted to zip out as soon as possible. From there we went to Nasik on the Ganga, one of the four places of the famous Khumb Mela, the largest religious festival in the world, and in Shirdi, the place where Sai Baba lived a hundred years ago inspiring millions of devotees, whose samadhi, a famous pilgrimage place in India, is visited daily by thousands.
We made a base in Aurangabad, an old Muslim capital of the Deccan sultans, where is located the “Taj Mahal of the Poor” a look-alike tomb of the one in Agra but built with less marble and more plaster, but for sure worth a visit and we stopped and visited the Daulatabad Fort, an unconquerable fortress perched on the top of a tall hill but taken over by the enemies just by bribing the guards.

Cotton candy seller in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

The Buddhist, Hindu and Jain sculpted caves from Ajanta and Ellora are for good reason designated UNESCO world heritage and we lost ourselves through the numerous statues of Buddhas and Hindu Gods fighting or cajoling each others or through the naked Tirthankaras of the Jains’ Diganbara sect. We close our tour in Manaharashtra in the chic Pune, a world apart of the India we regularly search and visit, a clean and green place of chic restaurants and many ashrams full of meditating westerners, the most known being the one established by Osho, the Rolls Royce and gold watch collector sex guru, after he was kicked out of Oregon for tax fraud and conspiracy.

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