09 Mar

We published an album of video frames extracted from the footage we shot in Karnataka, India. We shot mainly in Hampi, the capital of the old Vijayanagara Empire, the largest empire established in India in the 14th century. We biked and shoot for two days through the maze of temples scattered on mostly barren fields between Hampi Bazaar and Kamalapur. We also crossed the river and shot from the height of the Hanuman Temple that confers a spectacular view over the entire valley.

Pilgrim in Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India

From there we drove to Goa and stopped on the way in Gadag at the immense statue Basaweshwara, a saintly character that tried, and failed, to eradicate the caste system in India and the fabulously sculpted Trikuteshwara Temple dating from the 11th century, one of the oldest temple in the region. On the way we did a short stop also at Chandramouleshwara Temple of Hubli, an 900 year old temple also with an impressive new gopuran right off the road.

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