Hiking in Watarrka

07 Apr

The group we joined, collected by Mulgas Adventures was a treat for everybody. Mulgas’ requirement was 18-49 years and the spirit and the expectations stayed in these limits. There were 24 people from 8 countries from Europe, US and Australia and few, if any, ever slept in anything less than a comfy bed. They shared the stories and worked all together to cook the meals in a jovial atmosphere like they knew each others for years.

Priscilla’s crack, Watarrka National Park, Australia

After the last breakfast together we packed and went for a hike in Watarrka National Park, about half an hour drive to the camp where we slept over night. The hike was on the rim of Kings Canyon that you reach after you climb about 350 steps through a red rock landscape reminiscent of the rocks in Utah.

Garden of Eden, Watarrka National Park, Northern Territories, Australia

The red rock was quite different though from the one we knew from the US, looking like the skin of an animal creating spectacular dome formations. The canyon is well known in Australia and one famous local movie was shot here, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. There are staircases to access more heights and right in the middle of the hike is a beautiful place nicknamed “Garden of Eden” where the lights reflect majestically on the rock and also in the water collected at the base. From there you get all the way on top of the canyon that has one the faces perfectly flat, this point being a ceremonial place for the local aboriginal people. The hike was for sure very nice but slightly less spectacular than the hike we did in Kata Tjuta. Maybe only from our own perspective who hiked all the canyons of the South West USA.

Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, Northern Territories, Australia

It was the last day of a memorable trip for most of us. Some from the group booked a four day trip that would return them  to Uluru and would fly the next day from Ayers Rock. They would sleep on more night under the stars at the first camp close to Uluru.
Matt made some calls and he drove us all to Curtin Springs where another Mulgas Adventure bus was waiting for us. So we said goodbye to our good friends for three days and started to drive back on Lasseter and Stuart Highway reaching Alice Springs after sunset, several of us hanging out together late in the evening for some well deserved drinks in town. Thank you all for such a great trip. Thank you Mulgas and thank you Matt!!!

Emu in the Erlanda Farm, Northern Territories, Australia

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