Land of the crocs

10 Apr

Mossman Gorge, Queensland, Australia

Green. Luscious green. The palm trees, the lawns, the sugar cane, the banana trees all have a fresh green color. You are surrounded by it and feel like it may not have been any other color invented in the world. And it’s April, meaning a sort of mid October for us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mossman Gorge, Queensland, Australia

But we are also in the mid of a rain forest. The oldest and also quite a large one. And the only rain forest in the world that touches the reef. It extends toward the ocean and reaches the beaches of Queensland covering them in its overwhelming green bringing the palms and the vines to their sand.

Mossman Gorge, Queensland, Australia

We left in the morning with the intention to drive all the way to Cape Tribulation, about almost two hours drive from Port Douglas and we stopped on the way at Mossman Gorge, an aboriginal ran place. The place has a large network of hiking paths that meanders by the river and under a dense green canopy, through trees with extended roots and a dense spreads of vines.

Mossman Gorge, Queensland, Australia

Mossman Gorge is at a relatively short distance of Daintree River, a river full of crocodiles, that bask in the sun on its shores. Thare are trips on the river to see them and we planned to take one of these trips the next day. So we went straight to the famous ferry crossing over the river that connects the lower part of the rain forest to the its northern side, more lush and more interesting. We were the third car in line but it looked that something was not right because the otherwise fast ferry looked stuck on the other side. After one hour of questioning and calls, while a huge line formed behind us, turned out that a cable snapped and the ferry would be out of commission for several hours. The operator canceled our RT ticket but she gave us cash for the credit card payment so for the first time we had in our hands Australian dollars. This is, almost exclusively, a credit card country, .

Croc in Daintree River, Queensland, Australia

We turned around and went to Daintree Village looking for the elusive crocs. And kept looking for them in two separate river outings the Daintree River Cruises, one of the many outfitters that do these trips on the this and other rivers, waiting for the ferry to get resurrected. Meanwhile a whole drama was unfolded on the other side of the river with a 1.2 km line of tourist buses waiting to cross and people being shuffled by the crocodile river sruises boats over the river for a more comfortable wait.

Looking for crocodiles in Daintree River, Queensland, Australia

We finished all the possible cruises and the ferry was still being repaired so we turned around and went back to Port Douglas for an early dinner.

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

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