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Happy Holidays from FlyingMonk

Leave your cubicle and buy a ticket
Search the world and fall in love
Never return
In the end we only regret
The chances we didn’t take
Never forget that life is short
And the world is wide
And this is the only thing
That would make you richer
Travel when you have a sliver of time
Don’t wait for the big check
Because I’ll tell you a secret
To discover yourself through the world at large
You just don’t need it

Have a world roaming New Year!

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A Google Search

In the story with the emperor who had no clothes, everybody waited for the innocent child to point out the reality. In the 21st century the role of the child was taken over by Google Search to show the facts. And this was exactly what was about in the yesterday debate in House Judiciary Committee in the US Congress when Google CEO was asked to explain “why a Google image search for “idiot” turned up pictures of Donald Trump — and whether that was a case of intentional bias.” It is hard for many of the Americans to accept that they support a guy who besides being totally unprepared for the job is also, let’s say mildly, less intelligent. But with a secretary of state who called him “a fucking idiot” and a chief of staff who also called him “idiot” and with many other Administration employees and people from the media who for sure do not have a higher expectation of his mental abilities, the Google search algorithm, the innocent child, just points out the reality.

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The “hipsterest” dog in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY

The “hipsterest” dog relaxing on a bench in Brooklyn. Of course he is hanging out close to the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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One hundred

The Triumph Arch, Bucharest, Romania

At the end of the First World War, exactly one hundred years ago today, Romania was able unite in its national state almost all the territories inhabited around it by Romanians. The original state crafted after the middle of the 19th century by the European powers with a German king on the throne was completed in 1918 with Transylvania – yes a real region and supercool, not a land of legend – and parts of Moldova. During the Second World War the new political jockeying changed its territory a little bit losing parts to the Soviets who took territories equally from everybody if they could. However the dispute about these territories continues even today a way more common problem in Europe than, let’s say, in New Jersey… As a result December 1 became the National Day of Romania after the fall of the Commies and was celebrated ever since. Happy 100, Romania!

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The Masonic Temple, Washington, DC

“America was founded by Masons” is a statement peddled in past and recent debates. If you travel to Philadelphia or Washington this statement is solidly documented in monuments and buildings and for sure in archives. George Washington was a Mason of the Blue Lodge and out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence only about 1/5 of them are not documented to be Masons. For the ones who want to skew the discussion toward a more white and Christian nation the original American Masonic Fathers were the guarantors of stability, enlightened founding fathers who created a nation without conflicts only because all were Christians. A doubtful statement for anybody who knows anything about the Masons’ philosophy.

“Fiat Lux” and “Ordo ab Chao”

The Masons history is complicated, its heritage to the Solomon Temple debatable, its numerous schisms confusing, its humanitarian goals questioned but for sure their role in the society remained influential along centuries.
A half hour walk from the White House is located the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. But probably I would never have gone to visit the Masonic Temple in Washington without its detailed entanglement in the Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” best seller book. Till I read the book I did not even know about the temple, in a city where is impossible to visit all its plethora of monuments and museums.

George Washington Masonic Monument sits in the middle of the Mall in Washington, DC

And what better symbol of Masonic heritage can exist than the famous needle from the center of the Washington Mall whose official name is George Washington Masonic Monument.

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Pennsylvania Avenue closed in front of the white House, Washington, DC

We were surprised to find Pennsylvania Avenue completely closed in front of the White House and all tourists taking selfies delegated to the opposite sidewalk. We were told by a young and smiling secret service guy that is one of the unexpected closures but it would get open soon. And it eventually did but for sure the landscape around the building is different from our many years ago visits to DC when you could walk to the fence and hang on it for pictures.

The protest tent in front of the White House

The protest tent is still there with more issues posted on its front aligned with the social issues of the present time. But you could see secret service everywhere, especially on top of the White House that we thought first that they were guys hired to clean the gutters for leaves. But for sure there were not those type of cleaners.
From the African-American Museum you could see also other secret service guys patrolling on top of the other surrounding buildings.

Secret Service patrol on top of buildings surrounding the White House

The African-American Museum tries to play down controversy but extols the remarkable cultural values brought to the society by the Negro culture in America. Its top floor dedicated to music is remarkable and I felt that you may need another extra floor to display all the phenomenal names that created the vibrant world musical scene indebted to these stellar musicians.

The main hall of the African-American Museum on the Mall in Washington, DC

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Glenstone new gallery building complex, Potomac, MD

Glenstone is a remarkable museum built on a large expanse of land that contains beside its art pavilions impressive sculptures by contemporary artists. Besides the art itself the entire complex is impressive for its architecture and landscaping that entices you for long walks into the woods surrounded by the huge minimalist sculptures. The new set of art pavilions were inaugurated about a month ago and contain modern and contemporary artists, some well known from other museums but also a lot of names less exhibited.

Listening to a 22 channel sound installation in the woods, Glenstone Art Museum, Potomac, MD

Into the woods behind the pavilions are stacked stones cabins built inside the hill that contain clay pieces by Andy Goldworthy that crack in time showing the evolving life of a work of art. Beside them you hear all sort of sounds and you can walk into the middle of a 22 channel sound installation so realistic that you want to listen the piece in its entirety.

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