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Homage to Norcia


St Benedetto Square and the Basilica, Norcia, Umbria, Italy

Nursia, as it is known by its Latin name, is an unusual town in Umbria being located on a plain surrounded by mountains. We were there about three years ago enjoying its tranquil atmosphere, with stores selling boar’s meet and truffles, local specialties, and populated mainly by Italian tourists. Like many towns in Umbria, Norcia was spared by mass tourism leaving the large groups of Chinese and Russians to congregate on the northern towns on Tuscany. We spent time in its beautiful square that has in its middle the statue of St Benedict who was born here in 480 AD. The basilica in the back that carry his name was destroyed in the Sunday earthquake.


The side wall of San Benedetto Basilica in Norcia


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Another trial to change the world….

.. at the Guggenheim in New York. The Italian Futurists tried to break the world of the “petit-bourgeois” art and society. The developments in Futurism were variegated and spectacular and represent elements of inception in many of the modern art currents famous in latter years. Marinetti was the current’s main guru and his ideas of “world hygiene” through war brought a logic consequence of him joining the Fascists and Mussolini, one of the aspects that is still debated by the today “politically correct” critics of the current.


Italian Futurism at the Guggenheim Museum In New York


Futurism Manifesto

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Italy: Milan-Pavia


The roof of Milan’s Duomo, Italy

We posted the last album of frames from the shoot we did in Italy in July. This last album contains frames from Milan’s Duomo and some other central locations of Milan and Certosa di Pavia. For more information about these locations see our blog postings, Last Day in Umbria and Pavia

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Italy: Western Umbria


Perugia, Italy

We posted an albums of frames from the shoot in Western Umbria, Italy that we did in July. We shot in Gubbio, Perugia, Orvieto and Todi. For more information please check out our blog postings about Gubbio-Perugia and Orvieto-Todi.

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Italy: Eastern Umbria


Assisi, Italy

We posted an album of pictures from the shoot in Eastern Umbria, Italy. We shot in Spoleto, Norcia, Assisi and Spello. For more information please look at our blog postings in Spoleto-Norcia and Assisi-Spello.

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Italy: Verona


The Roman Amphitheater, Verona, Italy

We posted an album of frames from the shoot we did in Verona, Italy. Verona is made famous primarily by Shakespeare’s renown tragedy Romeo and Juliet. This theater piece has managed to turn the once peaceful city into a bustling tourist location. Nonetheless, it is a city worth taking a stroll in. We shot around the two main squares, Erbe and Bra, Julieta’s House, the main churches of the city, and Catelvecchio. For more information see our blog posting.

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Italy: The Dolomites


Tre Cime di Lavarone, Italy

We posted an album with frames from the shoot in the Dolomites, a place of astounding and unique beauty. We spend about three days poking all around the nooks and crannies of this gorgeous mountain range. We explored the baseline towns of Bolzano and Cortina d’Ampezzo, made our way up and down the seemingly endless serpentines of the famous mountain passes Pordoi and Falzarego, admired the priceless village of Moena with Rosengarten towering way over it, enjoyed the view of snow-covered Piz Boe in the Pordoi mountain pass, and trekked around the Cinque Torri the UNESCO protected Tre Cime di Lavareno park. For more information see our postings about Piz Boe, Tre Cime, and Cinque Torri

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