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Vote in November!

US Senators representing less than half the U.S. population just confirmed a nominee for the Supreme Court opposed by most Americans. It was the most contentious vote for a Supreme Court nominee interrupted repeatedly by screams and yelling of the opponents at the gallery. Vote in November!

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Biking Putnam trail

Putnam bike trail

Putnam bike trail is connecting Baldwin Place to Brewster in upstate NY. It’s actually a combination of the Putnam Trail and the North County trail, a longer trail that comes all the way from Cortland Park in the Bronx.

The new bike bridges on the trail replacing the old train bridges

The trail is about 12.5 miles long and is all paved following the original train tracks that were carrying loads from the local mines to New York and further to Pennsylvania. The trains ran on these tracks till 1970.

Middle Branch Reservoir on Putnam Trailway

Leaving Baldwin Place in Sommers Commons you have to cross so many streets and roads that it becomes quite annoying – you are in the town after all and you have to deal with it – but after that you are riding on continuously paved path towards Brewster. About one mile before Brewster the path is closed by road blocks for some side construction but you can navigate around them and continue to ride into town.

The partially closed part of the Putnam Trail

Brewster is unfortunately the only place on the entire trail where you can stop for a coffee of juice. Surprisingly, based on the Main Street signs the town looks like a Latino town and nobody in the coffee place spoke any English at all.

Brewster, NY

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A hop over the Hudson

After roaming the world from Torre del Paine to Mount Kailash and from Ushuaia to Alaska, I finally mustered the courage to take the Path for one stop from World Trade Center and land in Jersey City, just across the Hudson. Quite an adventure!

Jersey City, NJ

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Lower Cape

A 925 lbs yellow-fin tuna, Sandwich, Lower Cape Cod, MA

We decided this time to spend the entire time in Lower Cape that has its own beauty. With the island ferries nearby and the beautiful Shining Sea bike trail, Lower Cape is a charming place to spend several days. We are not at all into fishing so it was to an utmost surprise to see this huge 925 pounds tuna hauled into the truck. The boat that caught it was quite small and they harpooned it and dragged it through the water till they got by the Sandwich fishmarket. Surprisingly no great white that abound in the area, attacked the tuna but after cleaning it up, the blood would have brought some sharks in the area populated probably the Sharktivity app that was this summer craze in Cape Cod.

Sandwich Bridge on the Cape Cod Canal bike trail, MA

Cape Cod Canal has on each side two beautiful paved bike trails, 7 miles one way, passing under the two bridges that connect the peninsula to the mainland. The trail starts at the RailRoad Bridge that descended in the evening to let the Hyannis train pass, quite a spectacle worth watching, especially in the Cape where time goes slow.

Bourne and RR Bridges by the Cape Cod Canal

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The Vineyard

Jaws Bridge, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Martha’s Vineyard was the location where Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” and its sequels were shot and somehow the American Memorial Legion Bridge coined its nickname from the movie. It became a ritual of passage for people to jump from the bridge no matter that there are several signs on the the bridge advising otherwise.

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

But it’s summer and a lot of things go in this paradise, in my opinion the most beautiful island off the coast of Massachusetts. The island is also very pleasant and safe for biking. There are bike trails all over the it but the best are on its eastern and center parts.

Edgartown harbor, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

We decided to take the Woods Hall ferry to the island. But the charming Woods Hall is a parking impossibility otherwise and buses shuffle the day trippers from a several miles away large parking place to the ferry terminal. So we used our biking independence by leaving the car on the bike trail parking and biked about 3 miles and hopped a morning ferry.

The Black Dog Tavern in Vineyard Heaven, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

We started to bike from Oaks Bluff to Edgartown over Jaws Bridge full of jumpers and returned towards Vineyard Heaven through the State Forest bike trails, a set of green tunnels through the dense forest that connects pastures where horses serenely trot. On instances it was looking like Provence in Massachusetts without the lavender fields.

The bike trail in the state forest, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

From Vineyard Heaven, deserted when we arrived that has also a Black Cat business competing with its more famous Black Dog, we completed the 35 miles bike loop going back to Oaks Bluff. There, after an excellent dinner we took a late ferry and biked by the sea shore in the night the 3 miles back to the parked car listening to the waves battering on the Shining Sea bike trail.

Telegraph Hill Lighthouse, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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Newport, RI

Queen Anne Square, Newport, RI

We did not stop in Newport for quite some time but we did not expect to find it so crowded. Gone are the time when I came and parked right in the harbor on free parking spots. Nowadays even to drive through the town is a challenge and the only thing you want is to get out of it.

Cliff Walk, Newport, RI

But either walking on the Cliff Walk, a path developed by the ones who built the famous mansions that align the shore, the Vanderbilt and Rockefeller of the Gilded Age, or driving on the Ocean Drive is a pleasure, far from the crowded center full of souvenir shops.

Ocean Drive, Newport, RI

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Finally Trump got his wall

Trump star on Hollywood Boulevard, CA

After so many fights in Congress and requests for funding Trump finally saw his dream come true and got his wall built. Maybe not as the way he wanted but for sure the way what a majority would have liked, a wall to protect our republic from him. For the moment the wall is insulating only his star on the Hollywood Boulevard. The star was smashed twice by two different individuals and recently the West Hollywood city council voted to remove it from the sidewalk.

Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

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