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Skiing in the storm

Camelback, Tannersville, PA

The storm was for sure not what it was threaten upon us but at ski in Pennsylvania the snow was coming down heavy in the night. Luckily the wind did not start and the atmosphere was quaint and serene with fewer skiers in the late hours.

Lonely ski border in the storm, Camelback, Tannersville, PA

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Eritrea, Syria, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Sudan came all together in the remarkable production of “Jungle”, staged by Good Chance Theater, a theater company that according to their statement creates “new kind of communities trying to connect stories, people and cultures”. The large space in Dumbo of St Ann Warehouse was shared between a large refugee tent whose wall is covered in drawings of children dreams of peace and maps of migration. The other part of the space is the large Afghan Cafe of Salman, a refugee from Afganistan whose narrow tables and slim benches covered in oil cloth on which both actors and audience sits are all laid out crammed on dirt floor.

“Jungle ” tells the story of the ad-hoc city created by the refugees in Calais, France at the entry of the tunnel that goes toward UK, the place where all of them wanted eventually to arrive after the grueling experiences of crossing dangerous territories. When I entered the “theater” the feeling was that I am in Djemaa El Fna in Marrakesh and the production’s chaotic melange of nationalities and messages shouted from one side to the other enforced that feeling. But from chaos comes order and “Jungle” shows how all the cities were once formed, near a river or a lake, from tribes that decided to settle and their place of rest became in years large metropolis. No matter that “Zhangar” or “Jungle” was eventually demolished, it proved that when push comes to shove nationalities can surmount differences and old rancor and can bind together for a common good.

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There were lots of people watching and cheering the game. But it took a lot of debating around the ice to figure out what these guys were playing till I decided to ask the players: it’s called Broomball!!!

Broomball in Bryant Park, New York City

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The tree is coming down

Rockefeller Center, New York City

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Packed by tourists and commuters the Oculus was decorated for the season with falling snowflakes on its blue lit ribs.

Calatrava’s Oculus@World Trade Center, New York

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Happy Holidays from FlyingMonk

Leave your cubicle and buy a ticket
Search the world and fall in love
Never return
In the end we only regret
The chances we didn’t take
Never forget that life is short
And the world is wide
And this is the only thing
That would make you richer
Travel when you have a sliver of time
Don’t wait for the big check
Because I’ll tell you a secret
To discover yourself through the world at large
You just don’t need it

Have a world roaming New Year!

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A Google Search

In the story with the emperor who had no clothes, everybody waited for the innocent child to point out the reality. In the 21st century the role of the child was taken over by Google Search to show the facts. And this was exactly what was about in the yesterday debate in House Judiciary Committee in the US Congress when Google CEO was asked to explain “why a Google image search for “idiot” turned up pictures of Donald Trump — and whether that was a case of intentional bias.” It is hard for many of the Americans to accept that they support a guy who besides being totally unprepared for the job is also, let’s say mildly, less intelligent. But with a secretary of state who called him “a fucking idiot” and a chief of staff who also called him “idiot” and with many other Administration employees and people from the media who for sure do not have a higher expectation of his mental abilities, the Google search algorithm, the innocent child, just points out the reality.

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