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JFK Airport, NYC

Snow covers the tarmac at JFK Airport.

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Day and night in Manhattan

From Downtown towards Midtown

Anytime you go on the higher floors of one of Manhattan’s high-rises the windows offer a panorama over the city that is always impressive. And each time is different and makes you feel that you discovered the city for the first time.

Lincoln Center, NYC

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West End

Jones Beach – West End Beach, Long Island, NY

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Cold Spring Harbor

Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, NY

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Caumsett Park

Caumsett Park, Long Island, NY

Finally a warmer day brought us out for a walk in Caumsett Park in Huntington, Long Island. The ducks were sliding on ice in the middle of the still frozen pond and the Long Island Sound was completely flat becoming one with the sky.

Long Island Sound in Caumsett Park

Outside the park ice floats were moving out of the shore, tiny glaciers of winter dreams.

Caumsett Park, Long Island, NY

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Shitler on Women’s march, New York

It is one year since our shithole president was inaugurated and it already looks like an eternity, for both us living here and the rest of the world. Few believed that he would last so long, mainly because if he were to be hired by The Gap or by Wholefoods he would have been fired within the first month based on only one of his numerous unacceptable behaviors. But the spineless republicans would keep The Donald even catatonic into the White House to vote their superficially thought laws. In this passing year the main thing Trump did was to intimidate journalists and yell against the press trying to emulate his dream heroes: Putin, Duterte or Erdogan.

For me was also a surprise….

Meanwhile as a one year anniversary gift the Congress told the government “You are fired”, by shutting the government down for a while. But as Trump stated in the past, he consider this to be the blame on the President who cannot bring people together. It is the first time in the history of USA when the government gets shutdown while it has a majority in both House and Senate with a president of the same political orientation. But never in its history the government was ruled by such an incompetent or better characterized by his secretary of state, “a fucking moron”.

Women’s march on Sixth Avenue, New York City

So the “Moron-in-Chief” energized a lot of people into the Women’s March across the country’s main cities that brought together more than 100000 people on NYC’ Sixth Avenue in the first warm day after the days of frost of the beginning of this year. The atmosphere was exhilarating, empowering and hopefully would motivate people to come out and vote in the November mid-terms elections to wipe out the Congress of its shithole republican majority. Not that the democrats would be better but at least they are not fascists.

Another wife?

Come out kids and march! It’s about your future. There are always other options: Duterte, Putin, Xi

…Like we based our hopes on Ceausescu’s illness 30 years ago in Romania

Women’s march on Sixth Avenue, New York City

Tweety bird

Women’s march on Sixth Avenue, New York City

Women’s march in Times Square, New York City

Sixth Avenue was full all the way to the park going toward Lincoln Center and the march looked to never end

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Douglaston Gulf in Long Island

The freezing weather that swept over the East Coast at the beginning of this year froze the gulf, one of the Long Island sound’s, as far as the eyes could see.

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