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Great Neck, Long Island, NY

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-20 Celsius

Tolland, MA

The spell of cold air came abruptly over the Continental US dropping the average temperature over the entire lower 48 states to 8F. East Coast froze to minus 20 Celsius making the Coke cans explode inside cars left outside or in unheated garages. However the New Year’s parties were roaring inside unhindered….
Happy New Year!

Tolland, MA

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Olivia’s barn

Cherry Plain, NY

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A night view over downtown Manhattan

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The American people have spoken

It is an old saying that sound something like this: “If you are quite people may think that you are stupid but when you open your mouth everybody gets convinced”. It did not take long for a large majority of Americans to get convinced about the level of intelligence of our accidental president but finally this was metered this week.

Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, the prestigious independent poll institute, did a national poll that asked voters for the first word that comes to mind when they hear the name “Donald Trump.”  The survey was conducted between 6 and 11 December among 1,211 voters. Here are the top responses:
1. IDIOT – 53 voters
2. LIAR – 44 voters
3. INCOMPETENT – 36 voters

“In the same open-ended question, allowing for any answer, 35 voters say “leader,” with 35 voters saying “strong,” 26 voters saying “a**hole,” 21 voters saying “great,” 19 voters saying “moron,” 18 voters saying “arrogant” and 17 voters saying “disgusting,” the independent Quinnipiac University Poll finds. Of the 48 words used by five or more voters, 30 words are negative….Other words the pollsters heard more infrequently about Trump—at least five times each—included “businessman,” “jerk,” “powerful” and “evil.”

I guess this poll would not come on the brainwashing machine of Fox News.

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The first snow

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The creator

Ivo Van Hove’ production of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” at the BAM brought back to my mind the same inspiring ideas that I discovered when I read for the first time all of Rand’s novels. At the time I was living immersed in a sea of mediocrity crafted by the Communist system of Romania and Ayn Rand’s central characters were looking to be forged of an other-world alloy than the ones that were surrounding us. Their ideals and integrity was a far cry from what we were used to. Some years later, arriving in the never sleeping New York on lookout for these type of characters, I found out that few embraced Rand’s ideas, her entire philosophy of “objectivism”, that was actually profoundly personal and lacking social applicability, was considered by many a menace, promoting even more the American selfishness and ego-centrism. In spite of all possible checks and balances, any system can be gamed and the American system that I discovered entwined in the financial world on New York City was gamed vigorously and, under corporate speak and a tremendous amount of money, many Peter Keatings were promoted as stars and despicable characters like Gail Wynand, despising the uneducated but playing to them and resembling so much a current accidental president, became temporary heroes. Luckily, besides them cushioned comfortably in the system’s down pillows, there are a number of real Roarks that can move things ahead with probably less ego-centrism and fight, as in the play and the novel, with the surrounding mediocrity, lies and cheats.  The powerful women that Ayn Rand puts in the heart of her novels are like vestals serving the temple of creation and integrity. The play comes in New York in a wave of sexual allegation and its take about the powerful sexual scenes, typical for all Ayn Rand’s novels, was misinterpreted by many as I could see in several of the comments after the play.

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