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Fourth of July

Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY

The heat was overwhelming so we decided to spend the national holiday in Fire Island. The alleys’ electrical poles in almost all villages were decorated with small flags, the houses were sometimes more than embellished with all sorts of red/white motives and in Ocean Beach a whole parade was happening on the main street with flags and drums. The island was crowded by the day trippers who were flooding the streets coming from the ferry and the Ocean Beach police was quite active trying to deflect the possible incidents that may happen in the evening following the way too much flowing booze.

House in Ocean Beach, Fire Island

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Shining Sea

Shining Sea Bike Trail, Lower Cape Cod, MA

Shining Sea Bike Trail is a short 10.7 miles ride in the Lower Cape. It starts north of Falmouth and goes all the way into Woods Hall passing by the Martha’s Vineyard ferry terminal and going into town.

The marshes around Shining Sea Bike Trail, Lower Cape Cod, MA

I kept hearing about this bike trail as being the most beautiful in the Cape and for good reasons. The trail passes between marshes that spread all the way to the sea or follows the Cape shining beach covered in shells for most of the shore.

The bike trail follows the beach

It is way more crowded though than the other bike trail, Cape Cod Rail Trail, because it passes through communities and everybody is on the trail walking, jogging, rollerblading and biking.

Woods Hall harbor, MA

The trail ends In the charming town of Woods Hall, MA where you can take a break around a chilled latte or hop the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for another biking day.

Cape style houses in Woods Hall, MA

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Biking the Cape

Dennis to Yarmouthport on Cape Cod Rail Trail, MA

Last year the construction was in full swing and we found the bike trail blocked east of Dennis. We tried to find out what is the current status to no avail; nobody knew exactly if any work was done and the website did not show the progress. We just found out that it was a petition of the locals to extend the trail all the way to Hyannis and some even said to Falmouth.

Dennis to Yarmouthport on Cape Cod Rail Trail, MA

So it was to great surprise to find the path east of Dennis open, and even if not completely manicured, the new asphalt was so pleasant and let us ride for another 6 miles all the way to Yarmouthport. From there you can follow a dirt and quite sandy path that follow the power lines way more into the eastern part of the Cape.

Dennis to Yarmouthport on Cape Cod Rail Trail, MA

We did not have time to ride on the dirt path because we wanted to ride all the way back to Wellfleet so we backtrack on the three new built bridges that cross the main roads and got into the main path towards Brewster.

Cape Cod Rail Trail, MA

And we biked all the way to Wellfleet where of course we stopped at the nice French pastry place just after the French beat Argentina in the World Cup to the joy of the owners, a game that I watched all the way biking with the iPhone mounted and streaming the game on the bike’s handle bar!!! Great game!

The French Bakery in Wellfleet, MA

The entire round trip ride, from the beginning of the trail in Yarmouthport all the way to Wellfleet, is now 58 miles. We biked all 58 miles and no matter that the trail is flat we could not say that we did not feel the effort. And just to wrap a great biking day we spent the evening in Rock Harbor beach where we enjoyed a perfect sunset at low tide. Spectacular!

Rock Harbor Beach on low tide, Orleans, Cape Cod, MA

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After the storm

After the storm, Provincetown, MA

The storms are brutal off the coast around Cape Cod. Many times the water rises and covers the roads close to the beach in Provincetown. But this boat wreck is new, from March this year when during the storm the boat broke loose from the mooring and was thrown upon the rocks. Each place by the sea must have its own ship wreck that becomes a tourist attraction.

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Sunset cruise

Downtown NYC

When the New York days become way hotter the best time you can spend is by taking a cruise around the Manhattan harbor. It happened that we just have been on a cruise recently during the OPTIC event so we did not plan to have another one so soon but it just happened and we were glad that we joined it. This time the cruise left the SkyPort Terminal on 23rd Street on the East River going to towards downtown Manhattan.

Lady Liberty in the New York harbor

Getting in front of Lady Liberty is always inspiring no matter that these days in spite of the fact that she may still welcome “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” she comes in contradiction with the current accidental and unfortunate WH Administration.

Jersey City, NJ

The river is full of party boats, ferries and water taxis that cross into New Jersey and Staten Island, especially since Jersey City that looked 15 years ago like a totally desolate shore is now aligned with corporate sky scrappers, conveniently located for work but still missing the New York vibe.

Williamsburg Bridge by night, NYC

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Congratulations, Simona!

Midtown Manhattan, NYC

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Lady Liberty in the New York Harbor

Another “OPTIC – travel, outdoors and wildlife photography conference” organized by B&H and Lindblad Expeditions, the fourth event of its kind, gathered in Gotham Hall in two days of presentations inspiring individuals passionate of travel and photography. And as usual, one of the highlights of the conference was a most rewarding sunset cruise into the New York harbor.

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