The Long Island canals

The Bellmore canal in Long Island has a direct view to the Jones Beach obelisk

The southern part of Long Island is crested by numerous necks and a collection of tiny islands from where you could see the sand bank where is located Jones Beach or further to the east, Fire Island. From the Bellmore canal in Long Island you have a direct view of the Jones Beach obelisk.

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Midtown by night

Manhattan’s Times Square buildings seen from Hell’s Kitchen

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Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Milerton-Wassaic Rail Trail, NY

Harlem Valley Rail Trail starts in the middle of the fields around Chatam in upstate NY and follows the old rail tracks winding on unpaved roads till it reaches the town of Milerton. From there it continues between marshes fenced by reed and spectacular landscape till it reaches the end of the trail in Wassaic, NY.

Harlem Valley Rait Trail – Mllerton to Wassaic, NY

The paved trail between Milerton and Wassaic is cut through rocks that guard it on both sides. The lakes and marshes are probably the most beautiful I encountered on such a bike trail. When you reach Wassaic it comes home the idea of the rail trail because the trail stops on the parking lot of the most northern stop of the Metro-North and it continues from there as …train tracks.

Pond on the rail trail

The trail between Milerton and Wassaic is about 22 miles long and is impeccably paved. From Milerton on the drive back to NY we got a great sunset view over Manhattan seen from one of the bridges towards Long island, Throgs Neck Bridge.

Manhattan behind Whitestone Bridge as sunset

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Biking and music in the Berkshire

Ashuwillticook – Adams to Pittsfield – Rail Trail, MA

Ashuwillticook Rail Trail is a stretch of 22 miles built on the old railroad that crossed the Berkshires in MA. We biked this trail several times before and we were pleasantly surprised to find it extended on the river’s side with another 1.5 miles that goes all the way to the entry of the the town of Adams.

Adams old train station on the rail trail, MA

The trail passes the old Adams train station where an old carriage is used for short train rides and it continues on a very well paved road all the way to the Pittsfield Mall skirting marshes and lakes shores. The lakes were covered by blooming lilies home to many birds. With the current extension the entire ride is about 25 miles RT.

Ashuwillticook Rail Trail, MA

Only less than 10 minutes away from Adams is North Adams home to the remarkable modern art museum Mass MOCA. Its post industrial background makes always for a unique experience that reminded me so well of the recently foray I did in Cockatoo Island, off Sydney harbor in Australia.

Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA

But beside the excellent exhibits of Anselm Kiefer, Terry West and many others the museum was home of the Summer Festival of “Bang on a Can”, a marathon of modern music of selected composers as Steve Reich, Julia Wolfe, Doug Lang, Mike Gordon,  etc who were all presenting their work played by an absolutely remarkable group of musicians.

“Cha at “Bang on a can” Summer Festival, MassMOCA, North Adams, MA

The music marathon lasted for 6 hours with no intermission, except the time needed to change the instruments among groups, while people were milling around taking short breaks for a snack. But in the end at 10:30 PM I looked and the audience was completely packed applauding a remarkable musical event that I’ve never been fortunate enough to attend before.

“Bang on a can” Summer Festival, North Adams, MA

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Manhattan cubism

Midtown Manhattan

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The question….

“Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

The former chief of the CIA’s tweet is so accurate and I hope that all the Trump supporters who the only thing they understand is to wave a flag and brandish a gun to expand their universe by reading a book and learn about history also instead of watching the brain-washing Fox News.

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Riding by the Hudson

The Hudson River bike trail, New York

The Hudson bike trail it became more and more of a challenge because the enormous number of people who run and ride but mainly cross from the West Highway going to the river’s shore road. From the World Financial Center to about 42nd street the ride trail is packed that you have to keep stopping and let people pass.

The Queen’s servants sculpture

After you cross towards the 50s the traffic improves and you can cruise with a decent speed getting close to the river all the way to George Washington Bridge where the organic sculpture Sisyphus Stones  of the Albanian artist Uliks Gryka grew a lot since we were here last time.

George Washington Bridge, New York-New Jersey

The minions represented in the statues are towered by their queen that is represented by the large bridge pylon.

The Little Red Lighthouse, New York

For the first time we continued all the way to Inwood Park where we have never been before full of baseball courts and picnic parties flooded in barbecue smoke and Latino music blasted from large boomboxes. The whole tour from WFC to Inwood Hill Park RT is about 27 miles and if you get tired you can stop on the way at a couple of great terraces  by the river.

Inwood Park, Manhattan, New York

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