St John the Divine


Cathedral of St John the Divine, New York

On a gorgeous Sunday morning a walk in the upper west side would bring you to St John the Divine. I always loved this place for its less sanitized look that in the better known St Patrick. It looked more like an medieval European cathedral that sustained damage through wars or various blaze. I was surprised now to find its interior with no scaffolding as I don’t remember to see it for quite a while. The stone masons who were carving the facade and its interior columns in the 90s finished their work and the cathedral, that is a multi confessional place displaying menorah together with the cross and other symbols, has a spectacular nave empty. It represent the best New York, a place where everybody is well received no matter with what baggage he comes. And it’s way less trampled by tourists, who many do not have time to go all the way up to 110 Street.


The stone parapet

The stone parapet built in 1922 was designed to host small statues of famous personalities representing each century. When the parapet was built the three chosen ones for the 17th to the 19th centuries were William Shakespeare, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, all of them sort of Gods for America, leaving empty the last position till the end of the century. It was filled in 2001 with four personalities of the 20th century, a time when priorities changed.

Right in the back of the cathedral, the Biblical Garden, a sort of local secret for many who come to visit, is a charming place to flee the street traffic and its noise.


The Biblical Garden

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The colors of Hudson Valley


Breakneck Ridge, Hudson Valley, NY

The glorious day pulled us out of the house to the colorful in fall Hudson Valley. We planned a hike as we do at least once each fall and we drove again towards Breakneck Ridge, the spectacular straight-up hike.We planned to combine two mountains on this hike and we went all the way up to the highest point of the ridge from where you can see the Bannerman Castle right underneath.


The yellow of the forest in Hudson Valley, NY

From there we turned to the blue Cornish trail that brings you through the spectacular yellows of the Hudson Valley forest with buildings abandoned in the woods we visited before, taking a route that brought us to the top of Bull Hill. The view from the top of Bull Hill towards Cold Springs and the entire valley with West Point in the river’s bend is spectacular even now when the leaves are still obstructing the view.


Bull Hill, NY

Descending Bull Hill towards the road, right before we reached Little Stony Point we arrived at an amazing view: an opening right in the front of a panoramic ridge looking like the ones in the canyons of the South West, with a location for fire under the ridge resembling a ceremonials place. You can walk right under the long ridge through the opening that once had trees looking up to the rock, surprised in a way not to see any ancestors’ dwelling that are so common in the South West’s canyons. We did both of these hikes before a number of time but we never combined them in this 6 hour loop if you add the time that you need to retract your steps back to the Breakneck Ridge tunnel where we parked the car.


Little Stony Point Trail, NY

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Like pigs in the mud

Luckily I was out of the country in the night of the second “un-presidential” debate and I did not waste my night watching the useless performance. However I read about it in the morning in world news just to be even more than happy that I slept through it. The temptation for the media to have a complete mud bath was way too elevated to avoid asking Trump about his comments about women that came up the day before. As usual when trash is available, the media would presented it as “valued news” and will be introduced as their high standard of journalistic investigation. But a piece of shit does not morph in diamonds if New York Times or CNN touches it. The media tries to bring the lowest of the lows in our homes and they forced us to delve into it and somehow everybody joins the band wagon, happy to frolic in the mud. Like pigs. We know who Trump is and what he is capable of; if they really wanted to show his inexperience and uselessness they could have asked him ANYTHING else and he would have been unable to utter anything reasonable except some already tired lines. But the sex and junk sells for CNN and they make rating as you could see if watching a CNN clip shot in a Trump camp where the audience was cheering each of his obnoxious tirades with cheers like in a Spanish corida or like in a mud fight. Of course the “presidential” Donald Duck could not answer in any other way except splashing his pig mud around to touch the first row where Bill Clinton, another piece of work, was sitting with his brat daughter. I don’t doubt that Bill told The Donald when they played golf many dirty secrets described in the same graphic way as Trump did but should we really care about it? In each election I watched in the last 15 years most of the issues that comes along in the media and debates are non-issues, just a smoke screen to fool the audience of not keep insisting in asking the real question: how come that America is so great and rich and people live terrible lives? We cannot answer this question because the ones who ask and the ones who answer are all completely out of the Joe’s reality. And can you tell me that the man in the Ivory Tower on 5th can solve it? You must be kidding….

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…and biking in Manhattan


George Washington Bridge and The Little Red Lighthouse, Manhattan, NY

In spite what some may think Manhattan has great bike trails. Beside the classical Central Park bike ride it’s a great pleasure to bike on the Hudson shores all the way to George Washington Bridge. The Little Red Lighthouse was originally placed in Sandy Hook, NJ and became famous being presented in a children book. The entire bike trail through Central Park all the way to George Washington Bridge Rand back is about 25 miles. On a beautiful day a stop at the Boat Basin terrace it’s a must…


Boat Basin at 79 Street, Manhattan, NY

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What a schmuck….



Watching the debate last night I kept wondering who in a sane mind can vote for such a schmuck? It’s good business to make the market collapse because he may make money when he buys cheap and is smart if you pay no taxes. He runs for what? Such a moron and a thief. Hillary may not be likable but in comparison with her some of The Donald’s ideas seem stemmed from a bar at late hours when the owner wants to kick out the patrons.

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It’s worth a buck…


Times Square, New York

It’s worth a buck to avoid disaster, not that the alternative would be enticing but is less dangerous. We live a time when the GOP morphed in a bunch of frustrated apparatchiks resembling the old Communist parties of Eastern Europe: if you step outside the line of what the party said you are ostracized, at least for the movement. Next step they may land you in jail. Today was Cruz who finally kissed The Donald on the lips, the last in a long line of conservative, (conservatives in what?) republicans who kowtow to a candidate who forced his way through bar brawl mentality, injuries and personal insults towards his colleagues. The tone was given by the “anti-hero” McCain, who was such a loser that he got caught in Vietnam but in spite of this statement he kissed the hand that slapped him. McCain is conscious that he voted for the devil and appeased everybody that Trump would not be able to do anything he wants in our country of laws: “Do you think that this is Romania?”. So he voted for Trump and is ready to impeach him from the get go….. Long gone are the times when the GOP had principles and they were fighting for them. Now they fight for jobs, like any other Joe that runs the rat race. Not saying that the other side of the isle would be different but for the moment: “Houston, we have a problem”.
Luckily we still have the press that still can take a position, like Cincinnati Inquirer that would vote against “the menace” after one hundred years (yes, 100!) voting constantly republican:
“Trump brands himself as an outsider untainted by special interests, but we see a man utterly corrupted by self-interest. His narcissistic bid for the presidency is more about making himself great than America,” the board said. “Trump tears our country and many of its people down with his words so that he can build himself up. What else are we left to believe about a man who tells the American public that he alone can fix what ails us?”

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Biking to a mass…


Our Lady Star of the Sea, Saltair, Fire Island, NY

Back home from exploring the Transylvania’s cities and hiking in the Romania’s Carpathians we dived almost immediately in Fire Island, our summer haven. We go in Fire Island weekly but most of time we don’t wake very early to be there for the morning hours when the atmosphere is enchantingly tranquil. People who remained over night in the island just woke up strolling lazily barefoot or in flip flops to get their breakfast. This time we decided to join them and went very early, well I mean around 10 AM, and have a cappuccino by the sea in Kismet. After breakfast we left Kismet as usual biking on the main road toward Atlantique. This road is actually the only cross road in the island for most of its parts, enough for its 300 meter width. Each time when we biked here we passed by Our Lady Star of the Sea, the catholic church that is usually closed. But being so early on a Sunday morning the church was opened for a mass and full of people that were staying even outside on its stoop. What was charming was to see the church surrounded on all sides by bikes, the only way of transportation in the island. It was the first time when we noticed the number of bike parking stalls that are nearby.


The main road, actually the only one, in Fire Island, NY

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