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“Brexit was a healthy shock”

The current impasse of Europe does not come from the fact that one member voted to leave the Union but by the forced recognition of the “luminaries” from Brussels and Berlin that the people do not like their project. For sure this is not “new news” but till now, with no referendum whatsoever even when the countries had to be accepted in the Union, the European politicians in their Brussels ivory tower could save face by pretending that everything is fine and all the countries and people’s complains are just moaning. But the UK referendum is more like the cry of the child pointing that the emperor is naked because is not just a small child but is one of the most important of the adults of the group. And the first reaction of the emperor was anger. But instead to accept that their utopia does not work the way they constructed and to start rethinking it, Ms Merkel & Co jogs along with a failed project, bracing for a summer in which they will again try to hide the news that their countries are invaded by refugees.
The frustration and the lack of hope in the European project is explained the best by John Cleese, the famous Monthy Pyton: “If I thought there was any chance of major reform in the EU, I’d vote to stay in. But there isn’t. Sad. Sorry, Paddy,’ he tweeted and he suggested that “the only way of reforming the EU is to KILL European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker”, a catastrophically incompetent bureaucrat who would have been much better situated as a Communist Party secretary in the old Soviet Union.

However the UK vote was, hopefully, a “healthy shock” for all who somehow still have a faint belief that the Union can be reformed. Surprisingly this statement comes from an old EU commissioner G√ľnter Verheugen who does not hope that the Union will survive:

And this is very sad because EU is by far a grandiose idea that would serve both the countries that cannot withstand by themselves and neither its people. EU was able to bring the core values of the European democracy and law in full force in the newly accepted countries of Eastern Europe marred by the old dictatorial mentality and corruption. Europe needs the Union with all that it comes with but with an intelligent and flexible leadership not with the current apparatchiks paid with bloated salaries that make the Union resemble more the Soviet one than the American version. The Brexit was a shock for many of the Brits and to add insult to the injury England soccer team could not put up with the tiny Iceland and was kicked out of Euro. A real disaster for many, worse than the Brexit vote, especially for the “Leave” camp who has to contemplate using exclusively the meager local talent of the British soccer for its hyped up Premier League.

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Flying around holidays is a challenge even for FlyingMonk. Cancelled flights or missed connections can be taxing. Somehow, no matter that United was able to find my reservation, they could not issue a boarding on my connecting flights to US and they put me on a direct flight to Newark. Way better than expected…


Heathrow Airport, London

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