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Dublin, Ireland

We start today a set of postings with frame albums from our summer shooting session. The first posting is about Dublin, Ireland

Grafton Street, Dublin

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Dublin, Ireland

O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland

Again Dublin offered to you by Air Lingus. The flight in Vienna had another lay over of 4 hours, and the Airlink bus zipped me again in town. It was cold, as a month ago when I flew to Europe but at least it was not raining. But being Saturday the pedestrian area was full of life, lots of bands playing hoping to be discovered.

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Dublin, Ireland

Temple Bar Quarter, Dublin

Drizzle in Dublin. To get into the city from the airport is a breeze, with Airlink buses right in front of the terminal going every 15 minutes and taking about 30 minutes to get to O’Connell Street, in the city center. I bought a RT ticket that is good also on all buses for a day for E6.50 only.
In spite of the drizzle the streets were full of tourists. O’Connell Street is apparently the largest urban street in Europe and in spite of being obviously busy did not look packed.
After a while the drizzle stopped and I was able to walk toward the Temple Bar area, where the bohemian spirit was obviously replaced by commercialism but is still a charming area, especially the inside of the bars that were oozing good spirit and music with Guinness pints everywhere.
The Trinity College, the most impressive buildings in the city, commends a visit at least to see its magnificent library that has more than one million volumes and manuscripts. This was actually a monastery converted in 1592 into a college during the rule of Queen Elizabeth I and renovated in 1759.
From there you continue on College Street to the Dublin Castle and Christ Church.
But this was about it, a quick 4 hours visit between two planes.

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