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A magical pagoda

The sixth and last part of the Golden Land film series about Myanmar culture and traditions takes a tour in probably one of the most spectacular religious places in South-East Asia, the magnificent complex of Shewadagon Paya.The pagoda is the heart of an incredible complex or small pagodas, temples, statues, towers and pavilions, all gilded, were pilgrimages, prayers, devotional rituals and meditations happen round the clock. I spent 5 hours in the morning in awe roaming the place just to take a short break and return for another 3 hours in the night and still I could have spend more time if I had it.
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Jazz in the subway

Madison Square Garden subway stop, New York City

Jazz, almost as a private concert, on a lazy Sunday morning in the NY subway.

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Geese in sunset

Port Washington Harbor, NY

The sun started to break the ice on the Long Island Sound and the Canadian geese were lazily floating in stillness on the water covered in snowmelt. It took me a while to finally see some of them moving in the warm sunset, men and birds all sitting quietly admiring the beauty of nature.

A frozen Long Island Sound , Port Washington, NY

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Myanmar’s royal capitals

Even the name sounds so exotic. Somehow I dreamt one day to go to Mandalay, wherever that would be.
Maybe it was like the Shangri-La, a lair of dreams and imagination, an aspiration never to be reached.
The name ‘Mandalay’, mentioned in the famous poem of Rudyard Kipling, is perhaps the most evocative of any destination in Myanmar. However Kipling never stepped into the city.

Golden Land-Ancient Capitals

In Myanmar’s history all kingdom’s capitals were always built strategically in the center of the country around the current location of Mandalay. Sagaing, Inwa, Amarapura, Mingun were all once powerful seats of the government and important centers of Buddhist learning for South-East Asia.
The fifth episode of the “Golden Land” series about the history and tradition of Myanmar explores these places.
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…and after the freeze

Ice floats on the Hudson, New York City

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Before the freeze

Long Beach promenade, NY

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Praying to a rock

What this picture does not show is that this rock sits totally inclined on a stone platform ready to tumble into the valley. Its balance is held in place, according to the legend, by some Buddha hairs placed inside the top pagoda that are able to balance the rock through the power of belief. The place is the famous Kyaiktyio, a major pilgrimage place located high on top of a mountain in Myanmar reached after a long walk barefoot through the woods.

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