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Doha, Qatar


The transfer terminal of Doha International Airport is a cross section of the world population in new the age of migrations.

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Doha, Qatar


Doha, Qatar


After a 12 hours flight with Qatar Airlines from New York I landed in Doha. The airline service and amenities are impressive with generous leg room, good food and probably 200 films including all the Oscar winners. The personal is all Asian and European, young and presentable stewardesses and the pilots are American. Everything is presented only in English and the only sign that is an Arabic owned company is that on the map is indicated Mecca’s position.
The airport is small but it has one separate terminal for transit where you go directly to the gate. Transit looks to be the most important part of the airline business.
The airport has free Wi-fi but not good enough for making phone calls.
I had as a companion an Indian girl doing IT in New York who introduce me to all the hardships of being an IT in Bangalore, compared with the relatively short work day in New York or the many advantages of working as an IT in Dubai.

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