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One day in Montenegro

From Dubrovnik we left for a short one day shoot in Montenegro. When you cross the Croatian border you are welcomed by the majestic view of the Kotor Gulf, one of the most beautiful drives we encounter on the entire Adriatic cost. We drove around the entire Gulf stopping in Kotor, Dubva and Sv Stefan before we returned latter in the night to Croatia.

Kotor Gulf, Montenegro

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Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

The island that had a fortified village in the 15th century changed hands many times in history till the modern times when it became a playground for the rich. Today is a private resort.

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Dubva, Montenegro

Dubva Castle

The second stop was in Dubva, a town that I found less interesting than Kotor. It is nicely located, overbuilt also, but the way I saw it is mainly a shopping destination.

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Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor Cathedral

Claire and I went for a day to shoot in Montenegro. We did not have enough time so we picked some destinations close to Dubrovnik. During the Homeland War, Montenegro and Croatia were at war. The Yugoslav Army attacked Dubrovnik coming from Montenegro, that was the last republic to secede from the federation. The sign of it is that, even now, 17 years after the peace was signed when you drive out of Dubrovnik, the good paved road finished at the airport, probably about 20 km from the border and after that the road is patched and on several stretches becomes a dirt road, “in construction”. The first impression about Montenegro when you leave Croatia is that is that is over built. Large hotels in steps hang on the mountain slopes and everywhere you go there are resorts and hotels. Also, right away you cannot stop noticing cars with Serbia Plates that are conspicuously absent in Croatia. The ride around Kotor Gulf is spectacular, one of the best we had in the entire tour. You drive on the road that is right on the shore at water level occasionally and the mountain drops right on the other side of the road.The town of Perast has in front two island right in the middle of the gulf, each having in its middle a church. It looks marvelous! We got to Perast but we did not have time to stop and we went directly to Kotor. The town used to be a Venetian citadel, the wall that surrounds the city built by them caring the coat of arm of Venice.

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